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Board of Governors Fee Waiver Notice

Important Notice: Loss of Board of Governors Fee Waiver (BOGFW) - Effective Fall 2016

  • Avoid Loss of Your Fee Waiver for Academic Progress Reasons.  If you have a cumulative GPA under 2.0 for two consecutive regular semesters (summer excluded), you lose your fee waiver until your accumulated GPA is 2.0 or higher.


  • Avoid Loss of Your Fee Waiver for Progress Standard Reasons.   If you are on Progress Probation for two consecutive regular semesters (summer excluded), you lose your fee waiver until your completion percentage of units attempted becomes more than 50%.   W, I, NP, or NC grades are considered not completed.


  • Avoid Loss of Your Fee Waiver for  a Combination of Academic and Progress Standard Reasons.  


If you are already in one of the statuses listed above, or are concerned that you may be soon, it is important that you seek assistance promptly. Visit our iFALCON web site for important student success information from this award-winning program at iFalcon. You may also seek tutoring; get more information on our Student Success Center web site at  Contact the Counseling Department for information on Success workshops and seeing a counselor to get more specific information. The Counseling Services web page is at



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