Scholarship LInks

Are you ready to transfer and interested in scholarships?

BERKELEYnew window University of California, Berkeley

BIOLAnew window Biola University

CAL POLYnew window Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

CSUDHnew window Cal State University Dominguez Hills

CSUF new windowCal State University Fullerton

CSULAnew window Cal State University Los Angeles

CSULBnew window Cal State University Long Beach

CSUNnew window Cal State University Northridge

PEPPERDINEnew window Pepperdine University

UCInew window University of California, Irvine

UCLAnew window University of California Los Angeles

USC new windowUniversity of Southern California



Free Search Engines for Scholarships

FASTWEBnew window FastWeb Scholarship Search

LATINO COLLEGE DOLLARSnew window Latino College Dollars:  Scholarships for California's Latino Students

SALLIEMAE FUNDnew window The SallieMae Fund Scholarships

SRNnew window Scholarship Resource Network

COLLEGE BOARDnew window College Board Scholarship Search

SCHOLARSHIPEXPERTSnew window ScholarshipExperts

SCHOLARSHIPS4SCHOOLnew window Scholarships for School

SUPERCOLLEGEnew window Super College Scholarship Search


Other Scholarship related links

AMERICORPSnew window Earn money for education while serving your community.

HISPANIC SCHOLARSHIP FUNDnew window Scholarships for Hispanic students.

National Hispanic Press Foundation and Daimler Chrysler Corporation Fundnew window To get a free copy of the Hispanic Scholarship Directory or Search for Scholarships.

FAMILIES OF FREEDOM SCHOLARSHIP FUNDnew window Scholarship Fund for financially need children and spouses of those killed or permanently disabled as a direct result of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 in the United States

HARRY TRUMAN SCHOLARSHIPnew window Scholarships for students with excellent leadership potential