Cerritos College Foundation -- About

The Cerritos College Foundation, a non-profit organization, serves as a charitable vehicle for the community, individuals and alumni, to assist with financial support of Cerritos College beyond that which state funding supports. The Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the excellence of Cerritos College. It is the belief of the Foundation that the growth of Cerritos College must be fostered and supported for the institution to keep its rightful place as one of the finest community colleges in California.  

In its ongoing pursuit of excellence, the Cerritos College Foundation emphasizes the importance of cooperative ventures with those served by the college. The Foundation's commitment is to develop financial resources which will enhance and cultivate every program offered at Cerritos College. The goal is to continue the tradition of producing high caliber professionals, leaders, artisans, and crafters. The commitment is to strengthen the pursuit of quality education, while meeting the diverse needs of the students and community.