Employee Giving

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Welcome to the Cerritos College Foundation's Employee Giving Page!

Cerritos College employees contribute over $17,000 annually to the Foundation for scholarships and general use. We invite all Cerritos College employees to support the employee giving program. With the current budget crisis and shrinking resources, times have never been tougher for our students. We need your help to continue to ensure our students the opportunity to pursue their education.

Please consider a payroll deduction or one-time gift this year. Simply access the Employee Giving FormPDF document, print it out, fill it out, and deliver it to the Foundation office in person or via inter-office mail. If you currently make donations through payroll deduction, thank you for contributing through Employee Giving. If you haven't yet done so, know that it is an easy way to contribute to educational opportunities for our students.


Here is an easy way to calculate your annual donation. Use the table below to determine your payroll deduction and total annual donation based on 10 months.

Montly payroll deduction/Annual donation total: