Foundation Scholarships -- Fine Arts and Communication

Cassidy Family Scholarship (SPRING)

Established by Foundation board member and former Chairman Jack Cassidy, this scholarship is awarded to outstanding students in the Visual Communications Department.

Annual Award $500; Faculty Selected

Dorothy L. Thompson Memorial Scholarship (SPRING)

Established in memory of former re-entry student Dorothy Thompson, this scholarship is awarded to an outstanding journalism student. Dorothy returned to school at the age of 67 and was voted Homecoming Queen in 1987.

Annual Award $500

John Demott Scholarship (SPRING)

Established to honor excellence in the work of art students. Recipients are selected and honored at the annual Student Art Exhibition.

Annual Award several $25-$50; Faculty Selected

Film & Television Production Scholarship (FALL/SPRING)

Established in 2014 by Film & Television Production Professor Steven Hirohama, this scholarship is awarded to students who are pursuing their AA degree in Film & Television Production. To be eligible, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Must have successfully completed all 12 core units including Film 101, Film 102, Film 104, and Film 107 or Art 193

Annual Award (2) $250; General Scholarship Application

Kevin Hoggard Scholarship (SPRING)

Established by students in the Fine Arts Department.  Awarded to a deserving student in the discipline of improv in the Theatre Arts Department.

Annual Award TBD

Scott Henderson Memorial Scholarship (SPRING)

Established by the Music Department in memory of long-time music faculty member Scott F. Henderson. Awarded to outstanding music students in the Applied Music Program.

Annual Award $100 - $250 scholarships; Faculty Selected

The Pepsi Scholarship (SPRING)

Awarded to two outstanding students in the Music, Theatre, Art, or Photography departments.

Annual Award two (2) $250 scholarships; Faculty Selected

Talon Marks Alumni Scholarship (SPRING)

Established by the Cerritos College Journalism Department and Talon Marks Reunion Committee. The recipient(s) will be selected by the department based on the following criteria:

  • Must have minimum GPA of 2.0
  • Must have been a Talon Marks staff member during the current fall or spring semester

Annual Award Two (2) $250

Yamaha Scholarship In Music (SPRING)

Established by Yamaha Corporation of America this scholarship will be awarded to outstanding students in the Cerritos College Music Department. This scholarship will be selected by a faculty scholarship committee based on open student auditions

Annual Award two (2) $250 scholarships; Faculty Selected