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The Health Education department is committed to the advancement of the total health and well-being of Cerritos College’s diverse population (age, ethnicity, lifestyles, economic status, etc.) through helping students become health literate. Health education incorporates cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains to create self-directed learners who will be able to obtain, interpret and understand basic health concepts and a greater awareness of her/his behaviors and attitudes. Health education promotes the knowledge and skills to better achieve and maintain physical, social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and environmental health. The knowledge and skills gained from comprehensive health education courses contribute to a better quality of life for the individual, her/his family, and the community.

The Health Education Department has curriculum focused on the objectives of fostering emotional and physical well-being of the student. Our mission is to provide knowledge of concepts related to healthy living, lifelong wellness, stress-reduction techniques, and an understanding of the components of physical fitness. Also, to develop the proficiency of students to be competent in using such information and services in ways that will enhance overall well-being. The primary objectives of Health Education program are the promotion and importance of health lifestyles and physical fitness, cognitive development, social, and emotional development. The Health Education curriculum provides the student with the opportunity for expanding her or his knowledge on all health related issues facing them daily. Cognitively, the Health Education curriculum provides students the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge of physical fitness and health concepts that enhance their quality of life. In the social and emotional domain, the curriculum provides students the opportunity for development of interpersonal relationships and an increased appreciation and respect for their health and the health of those around them.

The Health Education Department currently offers approximately 34 sections of classes. Each health education course fulfills the requirement for Cerritos College’s Health and Wellness Proficiency (Plan A), Self-Development in the State University General Education Certification Requirements, and transfers and articulates with California State University (Area E) and University of California.

The most important contribution of the Health Education Department is to the philosophy and objective of Cerritos College in the area of fostering physical well-being to a diverse student population. The Health Education courses create life-long learners and strive to enhance the student's current and future quality of life. Health Education courses provide intellectual knowledge in all components of Health. The creation of healthy students requires interdisciplinary partnerships that involve many constituencies working together to address and educate on critical health concerns.

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