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About Project HOPE and FAQs

What is Project HOPE?

Project HOPE (Health Opportunities and Pipeline to Education) is a support program that focuses on increasing the number of underrepresented groups who complete healthcare-related or science-related certificates and/or degrees. Project HOPE takes a holistic approach to supporting student success by providing academic support, leadership skill-building activities, community service opportunities, career counseling, and financial aid/scholarships. Project HOPE strives to make the transition from high school to community college and from community college to the university as smooth as possible. 

Mission Statement

Project HOPE is committed to creating a supportive environment in which students with diverse backgrounds are given the tools to help them succeed in their pursuit of their educational goals in healthcare or science.

Program Activities

Tutoring in Science

Supplemental Instruction (SI) — tutoring sessions conducted by the instructor of the course. SI is offered each semester for various science courses.

Outreach to high schools and middle schools

Community service opportunities are available:

  • At local community health fairs
  • With nonprofit organizations

Counseling 101 A (Orientation to College) and Counseling 101 B (Educational Planning) - For a detailed description of these classes, please click on the "HOPE Courses"tab in the "Department Links" column on the left side of this page.  

Counseling — designated Project HOPE counselors are available by appointment for 30-60 minute sessions.

Student Workshops — periodic workshops are offered covering such topics as study skills and health/science professions.

Academic Success and Leadership Program (ASLP) - a workshop series that focuses on helping empower students to take control of their lives, develop themselves academically and personally, and achieve their full leadership potential.         

Health Occupations 100: Health of Underserved Communities — is a course which provides students with an understanding of the healthcare crisis in this country and the various career opportunities that allow them to contribute to improving healthcare access.

Project HOPE Scholarship Program - scholarships are awarded through an application and interview process to students who are transferring to a four-year college/university, or entering into a health professional program. 

Donate to Project HOPE

If you would like to make a cash donation to the Project HOPE scholarship fund or to the Project HOPE general fund through the Cerritos College Foundation Office, please click on the link below to visit the Foundation's donation webpage. If you would like to contribute to the Project HOPE scholarship fund through the Foundation's donation webpage, please be sure in step number two to click on "Scholarships" and then select "Project HOPE" from the drop down menu. If you would like to make a contribution to the Project HOPE general fund through the Foundation's donation webpage, please be sure in step number two to click on "Programs" and then select "Project H.O.P.E. Fund" in the drop down menu.

Donate to Project HOPE through the Cerritos College Foundation



Do you have to be a certain ethnicity/race to join Project HOPE? No, Project HOPE is open to students of all ethnicities/races.

Do you have to take specific classes to be a member of Project HOPE? No, you only need to be enrolled in units at Cerritos College each semester to be a member of Project HOPE.

Do Project HOPE students receive priority registration? No, Project HOPE students do not receive priority registration.

Does Project HOPE provide recommendation letters for its students? We provide letters and/or certificates that verify your Project HOPE-related community service hours and/or activities.

Where can I find out information about Project HOPE's upcoming activities and events? Information on all Project HOPE events/activities, as well as the events/activities of our community service partners, can be found in one or more of the following places; 1. the Project HOPE website, 2. the Project HOPE Facebook page at "Cerritos College Project HOPE", 3. the Project HOPE Twitter page at "CC Project HOPE", 4. the Project HOPE bulletin board and other bulletin boards in the Science building, or the bulletin boards in the Physical Science and Technology building, and 5. at the Project HOPE office, which is located on the second floor of the Physical Science and Technology (PST) building in office PST 209.


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