Project HOPE


What is a community of learners? 

  • Students working collaboratively with faculty in a friendly and supportive environment 
  • Students with similar majors and/or career goals providing support to one another


Why participate in a community of learners?

  • To receive priority registration in your math and science classes
  • To transfer to a four-year college/university or enter into a health-professional program sooner than other students
  • To meet other students with similar interests and career goals 


What are the requirements to join the Project HOPE Community of Learners?

  • You must be a currently enrolled Project HOPE student
  • You must have completed or been placed into English 100
  • You must have completed or been placed into Math 80 or higher
  • You must currently have and maintain at least a cumulative 2.75 GPA  


To find out more about the Project HOPE Community of Learners, please contact us at (562) 860-2451 ext, 7847, or stop by the Project HOPE office, which is located in the Physical Science and Technology building in office PST 209.