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Project HOPE


What is a community of learners? 

  • Students working collaboratively with faculty in a friendly and supportive environment 
  • Students with similar majors and/or career goals providing support to one another


Why participate in a community of learners?

  • To receive priority registration in your math and science classes
  • To transfer to a four-year college/university or enter into a health-professional program sooner than other students
  • To meet other students with similar interests and career goals 


What are the requirements to join the Project HOPE Community of Learners?

  • You must be a currently enrolled Project HOPE student
  • You must have completed or been placed into English 100 or higher
  • You must have completed or been placed into Math 80 or higher
  • You must currently have and maintain at least a cumulative 2.75 GPA  
  • You must have completed and passed with a grade of "C" or higher either COUN 101 A, COUN 101 B, COUN 101 C, or COUN 200, prior to enrolling in the Project HOPE Community of Learners
  • You must complete and sign a Project HOPE Community of Learners contract each year that you participate in the program       
  • You must submit a current copy of your unofficial Cerritos College transcripts along with your community of learners contract 


What requirements must be met while enrolled in the Project HOPE Community of Learners?

  • You must participate in at least three Project HOPE activities during the course of the academic year, or during the Spring semester, for mid-year program enrollees
  • You must meet with the Project HOPE counselor at least once per semester
  • You must maintain a cumulative 2.75 GPA and you must earn a grade of "C"  or higher in each of your community of learners classes
  • You must submit an academic progress support each semester
  • You must attend tutoring sessions at least twice per month for either your math or science class     


To find out more about the Project HOPE Community of Learners, please contact us at (562) 860-2451 ext, 7847, or stop by the Project HOPE office, which is located in the Physical Science and Technology building in office PST 209.    

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