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The Cerritos Community College District is committed to creating and maintaining an academic and work environment that is free of discrimination and sexual harassment. The Annual Notification provides each employee with information on the District policies and procedures regarding Nondiscrimination and Sexual Harassment, information resources, and persons to contact with questions and problems. This Annual Notification can be found on the College's Human Resources website and is listed below.

Please help us strengthen our diverse learning community for the betterment of all students, employees, and the public by immediately reporting any harassment or discrimination issues immediately.

 Equal Employment Opportunity PlanPDF document
Adopted by the Board: May 3, 2017

Cerritos College Diversity PlanPDF document

Diversity Newsletter

Notice of Nondiscrimination Policies & ProceduresPDF document

No discriminación y acoso sexualPDF document


Employment Selection Procedures:

Complete the Selection Committee Training online to become eligible for committee membership.
pdf reader View and print the instructions (PDF)PDF document


Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee

Schedule of Meetings - 2016/2017 PDF document

Appointed Committee Members - 2016/2017PDF document


2016 - 2017 Agenda & Minutes

Agenda for 09/13/2016PDF document
Agenda for 10/11/2016PDF document
Agenda for 11/08/2016PDF document
Agenda for 12/13/2016PDF documentPDF documentAgenda for 01/10/2017PDF document
Agenda for 02/14/2017PDF document

Minutes for 09/13/2016PDF document
Minutes for 10/11/2016PDF document
Minutes for 11/08/2016PDF document
Minutes for 12/13/2016PDF document
Minutes for 01/10/2017PDF document
Minutes for 02/14/2017

Agenda & Minutes from Prior Years:

Policies & Procedures

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