Cerritos College Teaching Online Certification

Teaching Online

Below are the necessary steps to begin teaching online in the Distance Education Program at Cerritos College:

  1. Study the Standards for Technology-based EducationPDF document approved by the Faculty Senate.

  2. Contact the Distance Education Coordinator to become certified for online teaching by completing the Online Teaching Workshop on Canvas.

    (Or contact the D.E. Coordinator to determine if equivalent preparation can qualify you for certification.)

    The D.E. Coordinator will provide an Online Teaching Certificate to you, your Department Chair, and HR once the requirement has been met.

  3. Check with your Department Chair/Division Office to make sure the class you want to teach online has been approved for online delivery and that a section is available to teach.

  4. Obtain a copy of the Course Outline of Record from your Department Chair for the course you will be teaching.

    For more information, contact the Distance Education Coordinator, Cynthia Alexanderemail link


Please Note: Earning the Online Certification is MANDATORY for any instructor who would like to teach online.