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DROPBOX app for phone


DROPBOX (mobile/web)

Dropbox (free) is a cloud service that allows you to access your files from everywhere you have a data connection. A basic 2GB account is free, but you have to pay a monthly fee of $10 (or higher) if you need more space. Dropbox integrates with your Mac or PC and also has a web-app, an iPad app and apps for Android and Blackberry phones.

You can deal with basic file types (text, spread sheets, presentations, photos, music, movies, and webpages) right inside the dropbox app, but you can also send the file to another app on your iPhone. You can also download files onto your iPhone for offline use by adding it to your favorites (tabbing a star).

Dropbox is widely used as a cloud solution for many other apps, so it is definitely worth having an account if you don’t have one already. If you want to sign up with a fresh account, please do me a favor and use this link (I get a little bit of extra space for that).


STUDENT agenda app



Developed by students, aiming at simplicity and light weightiness of the application, the Student Agenda was made for students organize themselves and have, consequently, better performance in studies

On the Student Agenda, important information about tests, homework, appointments and timetable will always be available on your smartphone to new scheduling and consultations, wherever you are. Another very useful feature is the notification schedule (reminder) to not forget important activities. It is adequate for school, for college, for your day-to-day...

Whether at school or college, the goal is to make student life more organized, managing activities that can not be forgotten.


Diijo app for phone


DIIGO (mobile/web)

Do you sometimes wonder how people were doing research in the pre-internet age? I do this quite often, and do you know what I am thinking right after? How the hell did I do research on the web before I knew about Diigo?!!

Diigo is one of my core information management tools. Some people call it a social bookmarking service, but it is far more than that. With Diigo, you can:

·    Highlight text on webpages in up to four colours
·     Add comments to your highlights
·     Add floating sticky notes to record your own thoughts
·     Save bookmarks and organize them via tags in your Diigo database
·     Save webpages into Diigo's Read Later list
·     Add a description to remind you why you saved this particular bookmark
·     Save the entire webpage into your Diigo database via its Cache function
·     Share your annotations and bookmarks with the world, or with colleagues via lists and groups.

In short, Diigo is an amazing tool for knowledge workers to annotate, archive and organize the web – either for yourself or in collaboration with others. And as an educator, you even get a free upgrade to a Diigo Education account with unlimited highlighting.


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