iFalcon Study Skills - Developing a College Mindset

Whether you've just finished high school, are returning to college after a long break from formal education, or furthering your studies for your own personal or professional growth, your success in college classes begins with educational maturity and a college mindset.

Many students are hyper-focused on their grade and the points they need to earn in order to pass a class. Don't get us wrong, we understand that points and grades get you to the next level of classes. But the student with the college mindset understands that "just trying to get by" will not help them at the next academic level or in their future career. The college-minded student focuses on mastering the material presented in a course. This in turn leads to not only the passing grade, but also a confidence and readiness for whatever comes next, academically or professionally.

The exercises in this module are designed to help you develop the college mindset.

Students who develop a College Mindset:

  • Show up prepared for the first day of class, with all required class materials
  • Create a study routine and stick to it to avoid "cramming"
  • Focus on learning and mastering the course content
  • Visit their instructor's office hours to discuss class material
  • Use any resources they have at their disposal to understand course content