iFalcon Study Skills - Understanding Your Textbook

Okay, so you've now spent hundreds of dollars on books... don't forget to actually read them! Make your investment pay off by using your textbooks as much as possible.

Getting familiar with the layout and voice of a textbook as soon as possible can make learning and reviewing key concepts much easier for you. Just taking the time to comprehend the chapter or section title can bring you insight on the big ideas you are trying to learn. Get to know your textbook well the first two weeks of the semester, before you get bogged down with papers and assignments.

The exercises in this module are designed to help you get familiar with reading your course textbook.

Students who read their texts for meaning:

  • Identify key features of the layout of the textbook (how do definitions, examples, etc. appear?)
  • Reference the index, table of contents, and glossary easily
  • Read for comprehension (Take time to ask questions at frequent intervals)
  • Compare their readings with notes taken in class