iFalcon Study Skills - Time Management

Between school, family, work, a social life, and various other responsibilities, college students tend to have extremely hectic schedules. Quite often, at least one of these areas may have to be put on hold in order to pave the way for academic success.

Most students who fail a course have arguably done so because they did not put in enough time and effort to learn the material. Time management is a key component to your success as a college student. And while it's the one skill that we have the most control over, it is also (with all the fun distractions surrounding our lives) the most difficult one to adopt.

The exercises in this module are designed to help you develop time management skills that will benefit your academic and everyday life.

Students who manage their time successfully:

  • Allot two hours of study time for every hour they are in class
  • Enroll in a reasonable number of units each semester, keeping in mind the necessary study time for each class
  • Create a study routine, and stick to it to avoid "cramming"
  • Still find that they need to sacrifice their social life for more study time (no weekend breaks!)