iFalcon Study Skills - Assessing Your Progress

You're working hard, turning in all assignments, doing your best on exams... but how do you know if it's enough to get the results you want?

There are many times throughout the semester when you should assess your progress in each class, and there are many ways to do this. You can calculate your grade at any point if you keep track of your scores on each assignment and know your instructor's grading policy (see your class syllabus). But you should also do a self-check every 3 weeks to evaluate if you are regularly sticking to your study routine, and identify any distractions that might be keeping you from doing so. Don't forget to reward yourself if you are happy with your progress!

The exercises in this module are designed to help you be able to assess your progress in any class, at any time in the semester.

Students who regularly assess their progress:

  • Can calculate their grade at any point in the semester
  • Identify when they need some extra help in a class
  • Stay focused on achieving the results they want in a class
  • Reward themselves as they advance in each class