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[# 195] [8/27/2002]   01 Are there any size limitations on areas where I store my files?
Answer:Yes! Yes! Yes!  Let's review the different areas where you may store files:
  • Z: drive (server)
  • C: or D: (local disk drives)
  • Removable storage
    • floppy disk (1.44mb)
    • zip disk (100 or 250mb)
    • CD (640mb)
    • thumb-drive, aka flash-drive (other)
  • Email (Microsofte Exchange server)
  • Web storage (server)
  • Group storage (server)

Here are your recommended guidelines:

  • Store your most critical files on your Z: drive.  These files are backed-up nightly at central operations.  You should maintain 100mb or less!
  • Do not place file types that are typically very large (MP3, MPG, MOV, AVI, RM) on your Z: drive!
  • Store your large files on your local drive (C: or D: or other drive letters).  You are responsible for backing them up.  This is usually not as secure because anyone that uses your PC has access to these files.

These are great ways to make the most of your available space:

  • Do not store anything on the "Desktop" (except for ShortCuts)
  • Do not store anything in the "Personal directory"
  • Do not store anything in "My Documents" (in Windows 2000, XP or 2003)
  • Do not store anything in the "Briefcase"
  • Delete Temporary Internet files before you logoff
  • Create all of your E-mail folders on the Exchange server
  • Purchase removable storage and archive your information on a periodic basis with zip disks, thumb / flash drives, or creating CD's
  • Use free web services to store files (you can access these from home too!)  These are just some samples.  Computer Services does not support these web locations.
[# 251] [11/25/2002]   02 Are there any space limitations for storing e-mail messages?
Answer:Yes.  Exceeding your disk space quota will prevent your email messages from being delivered.   You must delete stored email messages to alleviate this problem. It is recommended that your disk quota be kept under 50%.  We limit the amount of storage you can use (this is called a disk quota).  The disk quota field is viewable ONLY on the Alpha/VMS Master screen in the upper right hand corner ("Disk Quota: 99%").  When a user has used over 49% of disk quota, it shows the percentage of disk quota used, otherwise it is blank.  In addition, if a user is over 94% of their quota, the following message will be displayed on their screen:

          You are very close to exceeding your allocated Alpha/VMS
          disk space quota.
          You have exceeded your allocated Alpha/VMS disk space quota.

This is caused by saving too many email messages, especially messages with attachments.

[# 252] [11/25/2002]   03 Are there any size limitations for attachments within an e-mail message?
Answer:Yes.  The email limit for incoming and outgoing mail is 10 MB.  If the e-mail sender and receiver is, the limit is 10 MB.

FTP (file transfer protocol) is the appropriate tool to transfer large files between users.

[# 2948] [11/11/2009]   E-mail Access on iPhone
Description: I'm an instructor trying to set up my iPhone with internet access so I may retrieve my Cerritos College e-mail. To do this, I need to know: 1) do we use Pop or Imap? 2) What is our server name? and 3) What is our host name? Thank you. 

Choose to use Microsoft’s Exchange Server, not POP or IMAP.  The Server name is

[# 4971] [2/4/2013]   Iphone Email Setup
Description: I am an adjunct counselor in SSS. I am attempting to get access to my work email from my iphone. I used your directions on the website, but I am getting an error message that my account cannot be verified. 
Answer: Pleace call the help desk at 562-860-2451 x 2166 and we will help you.  Or you can come to the help desk.
[# 3118] [1/22/2010]   Large profile slow log on and log off
Description: I have tried to clear everything off of my desktop, and it keeps reappearing. I may have put these things on my desktop, while I was not on my regular computer, and now I can't clear them, any suggestions?  

To get started, please make sure that you're not logged anywhere.  Sometimes, it is also necessary to 'restart' not just logoff of a computer for your profile to be fully 'released.'  So on all computers that you have recently logged onto, you may need to restart each of them. 
Windows tends to 'cache' things so that they're more readily available when next called upon.  Unfortunately, the caching can sometimes keep hooks in parts of a user's profile, thereby making it non-releasable. 
Performing a 'hard shutdown,' where one depresses the computer tower power button until the computer shuts down, will not properly release the user's profile connection with the profile server; so at the next attempted login, the server may not fully recognize your login, thereby causing Windows to log you in with a temporary profile.  (It gets a bit complicated.)
After a hard shutdown, changes you made during the 'temporary login,' like deleting items from your desktop, probably will not be synchronized with the server copy of your profile.  Unfortunately then, the next time you are able to log in with/to your regular profile and not a temporary profile, the server's copy will be the governing one, and all the items you thought that you had deleted from your desktop are still there.

If you continue to have difficulties and would like personal assistance, please call the I.T. HelpDesk extension 2166, at Cerritos' phone 562/860-2451.

[# 4966] [12/7/2012]   Sharepoint 2010 Installation
Description: Please install Sharepoint 2020 to my PC in SL 115 and the PC in SL 119. Thank you. 


I have opened 2 helpdesk tickets with this request.  In the future please submit all heldesk tickets at or by emailing

[# 4519] [6/27/2011]   Sharepoint Designer log on Help
Description: I have a new laptop with sharepoint designer 2010. I go to open my sites and type in and then my user name and password and it logs in but a box pops up and reads sharepoint designer does not support editing non-sharepoint sites. 
Answer: To use SharePoint Designer 2010 you will need to contact the Helpdesk to get your website migrated over to our new web server.

[# 2894] [9/7/2009]   use of email client to get college email
Description: I am a faculty member. I would like to access my cerritos college email at home using the apple mail application. What settings should I use? 
Answer: Setup an email account that is of type IMAP.  The incoming email server is  For the outgoing server you will need to use your Internet Service Providers outgoing email server.

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