First Year Experience

We have a program that gives you a great start in college!

A guaranteed set of classes that are "packaged" together for you. They are arranged in groups that we call "Houses" for students entering the college at three different skill levels: House A, B, and C.

Your first semester schedule of classes is designed for you—no registration problems or disappointments! Counselors help you every step of the way.

The opportunity to become part of a special learning community.

You will take classes with the same students all semester long, giving you the chance to form study groups and lasting friendships—a campus" family."

A coordinated set of classes selected to promote your success here.

You will be taking a full program of courses that will introduce you to the challenges of academic life, including English, math, and study skills. Most Houses include career counseling, problem solving, or health classes, too.

The assistance of specially trained instructors who work together to support your learning and the achievement of your educational, career, and life goals.

First-Year Experience faculty team members collaborate in their teaching to provide high-quality instruction to all of their students. They work together to make these classes meaningful, challenging, and relevant to your lives.

Special programs and events, including field trips to museums, art exhibits, and plays, as well as orientation sessions, Family Night, and End-of-Semester award ceremonies and celebrations.

Our program gets you involved in campus life; we introduce you to campus resources such as math and English tutoring and provide you with social events to keep your spirits up and give you a break from studying.

Interested in becoming a part of our team? Contact the Learning Communities Center at x2782.

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