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Applied Music Program

Welcome to the Applied Music Program!  

Dr. Christine Lopez standing in the Burnight building in front of a lobby boquet
Dr. Christine Lopez
Director of the Applied Music Program
562.860.2451 ext. 2632

Please join us for recitals, Wednesdays at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. in the vocal classroom BC - 51, located in the Music Department (facing the central quad on campus). These live performances are one hour in duration and feature trained student performers in the applied music program from various disciplines such as vocal, classical & jazz guitar, piano, winds, brass and strings. These recitals are free and open to all. We would be delighted to provide you with midday or early evening musical entertainment. 

What is Applied Music?
Applied Music (MUS 147/148/149/150/151) are one-unit courses offering private music lessons in piano, voice, jazz and acoustic guitar, and all band and orchestral instruments. Music styles include both classical and jazz. The program is offered during the Fall and Spring semesters.

Who is eligible?
Cerritos College students, both full- and part-time, who are serious about improving their performance skills, have already reached at least an intermediate level of proficiency, and who have time to devote to the program are invited to audition for entrance. 

How do I get into the program?
Prospective students should schedule an audition appointment in the Music Department Office (MUS, BC 52A). Auditions take place the Wednesday prior to the beginning of each semester. Please call the Music Department to inquire, 562.860.2451 Ext. 2629. For the audition, you should prepare a brief musical composition that demonstrates your musicianship and technical achievement. A theory exam on the fundamentals of music will be required. 

Who are the Applied Music private instructors?
Experienced, certificated, adjunct faculty members are part of the  staff. The teachers are also professional performers. 
Click to see the list of Applied Music Faculty
(Instrument listed next to their name) .

What are the requirements of the program?
Concurrent Enrollment - Performing Groups
As an Applied Music student, it is required that you be co-enrolled in a music performance course which is related to your instrument of private study.
These performing groups include:

Mus 200E Beginning Band
Mus 201E Concert Band
Mus 202E Community Symphonic Band
Mus 203E Community Band
Mus 204E Orchestra
Mus 205E Community Orchestra
Mus 206E Stage Band
Mus 207E Jazz Ensemble
Mus 208E Pop/Rock Latin Ensemble
Mus 209E Pet Band
Mus 210E String Ensemble
Mus 211E Woodwind Ensemble
Mus 213E Percussion Ensemble
Mus 216E Piano Ensemble
Mus 217E Guitar Ensemble
Mus 218E Community Chorus
Mus 219E Collegiate Chorale

A separate attendance for Applied Music students will be taken at each class meeting. UNEXCUSED ABSENCES from your performing ensemble will affect your status in the Applied Music Program. Private lessons will NOT be given until your attendance in the performance group has improved. Your private instructor will be notified of absences and may be advised that private lessons not be given until attendance in performance group has improved. Excessive absences, tardiness, or leaving early will jeopardize your status in the Applied Music Program, and may result in expulsion from the Applied Music Program.

Each Music 147 student is required to practice a minimum of four (4) hours per week (60 hours by the end of the semester) and each Music 148-151 student is required to practice a minimum of five (5) hours per week (75 hours by the end of the semester) in one of the Music Department's practice rooms. For your convenience, practice hours will be posted each week by the Music Department.

If the required practice hours are not completed for a given week, you will be allowed to make-up the hours within the following week.

If the hours are not made up within the second week, you will be on "NO LESSON" status and that lesson will be forfeited. Practice hours must be current by the third week, or you will be DROPPED from the program. Continued poor practice and attendance will be grounds for dismissal from the program. It is strongly suggested that you "BANK" extra practice hours for emergencies or sickness.

Note: It is very likely that the 4 to 5 hours per week of practice time will not be enough time to allow some students to progress from one level to the next within a semester's time. Therefore, students are encouraged to make every effort to practice as many additional hours as possible.

This experience will prove to be an exciting musical journey as you develop and grow as musicians here at Cerritos College.

What will I gain from being in the program?
This program is equivalent to a large scholarship. Lessons, coaching, accompanist services, are all included, as well as free practice space with a piano and access to the many resources of the Cerritos College Music Library. The program offers a great opportunity to develop artistic talent and to network with other serious music students. Performance and audition skills are sharpened so one learns to present oneself in a very positive light. You will be better able to compete with other students currently attending music schools and universities. You will be joining a tradition of work toward real success. Enrollment is limited. This chance should be used wisely and with dedication.

Applied Music Program Director
Dr. Christine Lopez
562.860.2451 ext. 2632

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