Northwood University Student Spotlight

Noemi CastroNoemi Castro
The automotive industry is often considered a male trade. However, this was not the case for Noemi Castro, an automotive marketing major at Northwood University at Cerritos College.

“My parents were always supportive…even though the automotive industry wasn’t a typical field…[read the rest of Noemi’s story]


Stephanie FisherStephanie Fisher
I chose to continue on my path to a Bachelor’s Degree in Management with Northwood University  due to several factors.  I experienced the Cal State University  system several years ago when I was working toward a B.A. in Art; I was frustrated by the whole experience because I simply could not get the upper division classes I needed when I needed them.  I paid out more money than I should have simply to take classes I didn’t need just to stay currently...[read the rest of Stephanie’s story]