Open Educational Resources

  • PPT presentation 1: Cerritos College Implements Innovative Open Text Solution
  • PPT presentation 2: Can it work?
  • PPT presentation 3: What are open-source textbooks?
  • PPT presentation 4: 4 R's of Openness
  • PPT presentation 5: Who uses open-source textbooks?
  • PPT presentation 6: What do open-source books cost?
  • PPT presentation 7: What do legislators say?
  • PPT presentation 8: Biggest complaint from students? too much reading?
  • PPT presentation 9: Biggest complaint? textbooks are too expensive.
  • PPT presentation 10: What do our industry partners say?
  • PPT presentation 11: What do Cerritos students say?
  • PPT presentation 12: 08-09 online vs traditional retention rates
  • PPT presentation 13: 09-10 online vs traditional retention rates
  • PPT presentation 14: Open source pilot program results
  • PPT presentation 15: Test Pilot program
  • PPT presentation 16: Can it work? We think it does!

Cerritos College for Open Educational Resources!

What Is OER?



Open Educational Resources are free or low cost materials, textbooks, videos, software, and learning objects that can be used to replace expensive traditional course materials.

OER in the News:



  • Blog Posting from Dr. David Wiley on obstacles in the way of the ubiquitous adoption of OER in US higher education and how we might overcome them.

Two Observations:
Observation 1: We Need Dramatically More OER, and Current Approaches Won’t Get Us There
Observation 2: Replacing Disposable Assignments with Renewable Assignments is Awesome

Read David's blog post:  An Obstacle to the Ubiquitous Adoption of OER in US igher Education


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