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Cerritos College for Open Educational Resources!

What Is OER?



Open Educational Resources are free or low cost materials, textbooks, videos, software, and learning objects that can be used to replace expensive traditional course materials.

OER in the News:



Faculty Reviewers Needed for OER Materials

The California Open Educational Resources Council (CAOERC), an intersegmental group created by SB 1052 (Steinberg, 2012) to study the feasibility of open educational resources in all three segments of California higher education, is seeking reviewers for open educational resources that could be used in C-ID courses in the discipline of biology, business, chemistry, geography, geology, music, philosophy, political science, and psychology.  The guidelines for reviewers are as follows:

Reviewers are paid $250 per textbook reviewed
Review period is usually 4 weeks, with the deadline based on first contact with the reviewer
Information about the reviews, including a look at the rubric, is available via the Bootcamp Video  (30 mins)
Examples of textbook reviews on Cool4Ed are available
The Master List of Textbooks. & courses (so they can see how many textbooks need to be reviewed)
Reviewers should commit to reviewing all of the OER textbooks listed for the course

Those interested in serving as reviewers should send an email to


 Presentation to Cerritos College Board of Trustees on Open Educational Resources (August 13, 2014)


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