Cerritos College Photography Department

  • Two men standing on sidewalk looking about
  • Pile of small rocks set upon large bolder of rocks
  • View of the bottom half of barefooted leg  standing in the restroom
  • Entrance to old, rusty body shop
  • Distance view of a railroad track
  • Hand tearing a piece of paper stapled to an announcement board
  • Back view of a man holding a cell phone to his ear while sitting in a car
  • The letters T-R-U-T-H posted on external wall of a classroom
  • Collage showing debris mixing with public water
  • Body of water stream in a dam
  • Framed art of an individual wearing a white decorative mask and hood


Cerritos College Photography Road mapCerritos College Photography Road map
Download Photography AA Roadmap to graduation
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Professor Christina Fernandez: cfernandez@cerritos.eduemail link


Gary Pritchard, Dean of Fine Arts/Communications
Phone (562) 860-2451 Ext. 2602

The Photography Department is located in the Fine Arts Building, office 60