• Demonstration of Injection Molding Machine in Plastics/Composites Class
  • Composites Seminar on Aircraft Design
  • Fiberglass Class construction of a boat
  • Moldmaking Demonstration Plastic/Composites Class

Meeting the well-established need to inform and educate this region's small and medium manufacturers and project personnel in "dual use" of properties processes, and advantages in manufacturing technology, is the project vision. Plans are to implement this program on a regional basis targeting the identified 16,000 small manufacturers in the region. This program has been developed through collaborative meetings and discussions over the past years, and will continue to solicit this important business and industry input.

The goal is to provide at least 20 educational and training events annually for local manufacturers and personnel in the areas of composites materials, characteristics, tooling, processes, and prototyping. At least 400 Participants from industry, education, and government will perform cooperative, "hands-on" activities. Participation in these scheduled events will include over 50 companies either as participants, presenters, or expert resources. This will be accomplished through a series of educational events to disseminate and transfer technical information. Once the program is established and a successful "case book" is compiled with many examples, we envision continuing these events in the out-years.

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Fall 2014 Schedule