Holiday Crime Prevention and Safety Tips

From your partners at the Cerritos College Police Department.

Cerritos College Police DepartmentThe holidays can often be a very hectic and busy time, for many of us. Unfortunately, there is often an increase in property crimes during this time of year. These crimes are often crimes of opportunity, and can be prevented. Below are a few crime prevention tips for the holidays.

  1. Lock packages in the trunk of your car or anywhere out of sight. Do not leave them in sight for everyone to see what you have purchased. Try to do this before going to where your car will be parked unattended. Don’t overload yourself with packages.

  2. If you must shop at night, park in a well-lighted area. Lock your car and make sure your windows are closed.

  3. Avoid parking next to vehicles that block your view, such as vans, trucks with camper shells, or cars with tinted windows.

  4. Be aware of your surroundings and the people around you. Don’t allow your attention to become distracted from your purse or packages.

  5. Have your keys in hand when approaching your vehicle. You will be ready to unlock the door and will not be delayed by fumbling and looking for your keys.

  6. Carry a purse next to your body with the purse flap against you. Carry wallets in front or inside pockets.

  7. Teach children to approach a police officer, store clerk or security guard and ask for help if they become separated in a store or mall.

  8. This holiday season, many people will be ordering gifts online and having them delivered to their homes.  Thieves know this and have started following around delivery trucks attempting to pick up items left unattended after delivery.  If you cannot be there to receive delivery of an expected package, ask a neighbor to pick it up for you and get it from them when you return home.  That way, your package isn’t left out unattended for any length of time for a thief to grab.

  9. Don’t leave empty boxes from items received as gifts on the curb for trash pick-up.  Break down the boxes and put them inside the trash can.  A box left on the side of the road, such as one from a new flat screen TV, serves as a beacon to thieves to let them know you have a nice new TV inside your home.

  10. Shut the blinds to your home during the day and when you are away from home, especially those near any Christmas trees.  Holiday decorations and tree lights are beautiful; they also tell would-be thieves where gifts are potentially located inside your home, as most people put gifts around the tree.

  11. Remember…if you see something say something!!

The Cerritos College Police Department wishes all of you a very safe and happy Holiday!