Educational Master Plan Committee Members

The purpose of the Educational Master Plan Strategic Planning Committee (EMP-SPC) is to provide input into the development of the Cerritos College Educational Master Plan.  The committee will be made up of memers representing all areas/constituency groups of our campus.  The EMP-SPC will meet six times over a period of eight months from November 2016 to May 2017.  During each of these meetings, members of the ocmmittee will have the opportunity to review and discuss findings emerging from the planning process, and based on those discussions, provide advice to the planning team.  

Educational Master Plan, Strategic Planning Committee (EMP SPC) members:

Executive Council (5):              Jose Fierro, Rick Miranda, Stephen Johnson, Adriana Flores-Church, Noorali                                                    Delawalla, Felipe Lopez

Faculty (4):                               Michelle Lewellen, Mark Fronke, Frank Mixson, April Griffin

CCFF (1):                                 Stephanie Rosenblatt

CSEA (2):                                 Danylle Williams-Manser

Confidential (1):                        Andrea Wittig

ACCME (3):                             Renee DeLong, Stephanie Murguia, Connie Boardman

Shared Governance (8):          Kristi Blackburn, Patrick O’Donnell, Patricia Robbins Smith, Gary Pritchard,                                                        Rachel Mason, Adelle Krayer, Joann Sugihara-Cheetham,
                                                 Brittany Lundeen

ASCC (1):                                Saul Lopez-Pulido


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