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Educational Master Plan / President's Message


Jose Fierro, D.V.M., Ph.D.
President’s Message
November 2, 2016

The campus is moving forward with the development of our new Educational Master Plan. Over the next several months, there will be several opportunities for you to become involved and this message provides an overview of the process.

The firm MIG was selected to help us develop the Educational Master Plan (EMP) after a call for proposals. MIG will help navigate the campus-wide conversations among various constituency groups, including students and community members, and will help to synthesize the thoughts and insights shared at those meetings into what will become our new EMP. The EMP will hone in on the direction that we want to move as a campus over the next six years. 

On their website, MIG describes their approach as follows:

“We embrace inclusivity and encourage community and stakeholder interaction in all of our projects…our approach is strategic, context-driven and holistic, addressing social, political, economic & physical factors to ensure our clients achieve the results they want.”

To get the work done, a Project Management Team (PMT) has been established, which is comprised the following nine individuals:

Jose Fierro
Rick Miranda
Gary Pritchard
Patricia Robbins Smith
Kristi Blackburn
Renee DeLong
Patrick O’Donnell
Michelle Lewellen
Mark Fronke

The major task of this group is to help organize details, including coordinating the conversations that need to happen on campus, ensuring that all groups are being included in the discussions, and generally keeping things moving and on track.

A larger group named the Educational Master Plan, Strategic Planning Committee (EMP-SPC) will provide input into the development of the Cerritos College Educational Master Plan.  The members of the EMP-SPC include the 9 PMT members listed above as well as the following individuals who represent the various constituency groups on campus:

Stephen Johnson
Adriana Flores-Church
Noorali Delawalla
Connie Boardman
Stephanie Murguia
Andrea Wittig
Danylle Williams-Manser
Frank Mixson
April Griffin
Solomon Namala
Tim Juntilla
Adele Krayer
Joann Sugihara-Cheetham
Armando Soto
Saul Lopez-Pulido

The specific charge to this group is to:

  • Provide a forum for discussion, clarification and guidance on important items that may arise during the data discovery phase and the campus and community forums.
  • Serve as the interface between the Project Management Team and the Cerritos College community. 
  • Participate in review and development of the EMP (but is not the approving body).
  • Provide quality control to ensure the accuracy and completeness of all EMP deliverables.
  • Serve as a representative group that has knowledge of and familiarity with the campus and who are committed to the process, ensuring there is integrity and broad participation.

The EMP-SPC will meet six times over the next six months.  During each of these sessions, the committee will review and discuss findings emerging from the planning process. Based on those discussions, the committee will provide advice to the planning team.  The EMP-SPC meetings are open for anyone to attend and provide feedback.

Additionally, there will be several focus groups and interviews throughout the next several months in order to receive input from various constituency groups on this campus as well as with our local educational partners in our community.

In February, there will be a district-wide charrette, where our stakeholders are invited to synthesize the information heard up to that point, resolve issues and map solutions.  We encourage everyone to attend this important event and we will send more information about the charrette as the date approaches.

We hope you will be a part of these important conversations in developing our new EMP so that it leads the college into the direction we want to go over the next six years.


Jose Fierro, D.V.M., Ph.D.


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