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Outstanding Faculty Nomination Form

Who is eligible to win this award?
All certificated teaching and non-teaching faculty. This includes all full and part-time faculty, counselors, librarians, and faculty in student services (Student Activities, DSPS and Career Center).

What are the criteria?

  1. Outstanding teaching, coaching, guidance
  2. Unselfish dedication to students and the college
  3. Other criteria may include:
    • Publications, grant writing
    • Club and student activities involvement
    • Contributions to the college through committees, special projects, volunteerism, etc.
    • Service to the community as a representative of the college
    • Art exhibitions, concerts, public performances, etc.
  4. A teacher's assignment in class will not be accepted as a nomination.

Who may nominate?
All currently enrolled students and Cerritos College employees.

Thoroughness of nomination that meets the majority of listed criteria will be weighed against number of nominations.

Single statement nominations will not be considered.