The Nursing Program offers applicants who have completed nursing program courses in another associate degree or baccalaureate degree program the opportunity to prepare for professional nursing through the pursuit of specific knowledge and skills. Eligible candidates will receive advanced placement into the Cerritos nursing program based on prior learning and course work. Transfer students are not admitted into the first (N210) course nor the fourth semester of the program. Please refer to the Transfer Student Information link for additional requirements and documents needed to apply for this option.

Admission to the program is based on space availability.


A&P 150, A&P 151, ENGL 100, and MICR 200, or equivalent with grades of Pass or “C” or higher.

Additional courses required for admission: HO 152, NRSG 25 if entering prior to the middle of the second semester or NRSG 26 if entering at or following the middle of the second semester.  NRSG 200, NRSG 215, and NRSG 251, and PSYC 251, or equivalent with grades of Pass or “C” or higher.

ENGL 100, MATH 80 and READ 54, or equivalent with grades of Pass or “C” or higher or satisfactory completion of the college placement test process. Completion of medication calculation exam with a score of 80% or higher for entry at Nursing 222 or above. Students applying under this option will be notified individually for additional requirements relative to their entry points in the curriculum.


CREDIT GRANTING POLICY:  Students who have successfully completed academic courses and/or have relevant knowledge and/or skills acquired in other than an

 accredited institution will be given advanced standing in the nursing program upon verification of such knowledge and/or skills.



A. Pass will be granted for related previous education completed in:

  1. Accredited Vocational or Practical Nursing courses
  2. Accredited Registered Nursing courses
  3. Accredited Psychiatric Technician courses
  4. Armed services nursing courses
  5. Other related courses (e.g., Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition)

B. Official transcripts and/or copies of certificates of completion must be

    submitted for Pass to be granted.

C. Pass will be granted based upon the content and hours of transferring

     courses and must be equivalent to courses in the Cerritos College Nursing



CHALLENGE CREDIT (Competency-based)

 A.     Pass may be granted for relevant knowledge and/or skills acquired

          through prior experience, courses in non-accredited institutions, and

          individual study which are essentially equivalent to a course for which

          Pass is being requested.

B.      Pass shall be determined by successful completion of a comprehensive

          written examination and/or practical evaluation.

C.     Objectives for both the written and/or practical examinations are made

         available to the students prior to evaluation.

D.     Students must meet the requirements which govern credit by examination as stated in the college catalog.               

E.      A minimum of twelve (12) units of the nursing curriculum must be in

         residency at Cerritos College in order to receive the Associate Degree in