Planning Binder

Educational Master Plan

Enrollment Management Plan

  • Goal 1: Maintain the base of 18,000 FTES.
  • Goal 2: Improve completion/success rates in courses which over a 5 year period, have been identified for resourcing for improved completion/success rates.
  • Goal 3: Identify new programs to offer/develop.
  • Goal 4: Alignment of "front door" activities as well as coordinated resource allocation (3SP/Equity).
  • Goal 5: Improve fiscal reporting to guide enrollment management planning.

Strategic Planning Documents

ACCJC Midterm Report Links

Strategic Planning Retreat 2016

Strategic Plan 2015-2016

Annual Planning and Resource Allocation Schedule 2015-2016

Unit Plans 2015-2016

Area Plans 2015-2016

College Plan 2015-2016


Strategic Planning Process

Strategic Plan 2014-2015

Cerritos College 2013-2014 Strategic Planning Objectives

Cerritos College 2013-2014 Strategic Goals Timeline for Fall 2013

Cerritos College Mission Statement

Strategic Planning at Cerritos College Presentation

Annual Planning 2014-2015 Calendar

2013-2014 Resource Allocation - Tier 1

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