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College personnel requesting data/research will send an email outlining your request for data/research to the Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, Research, and Planning. Once the request is received, the Dean will let you know where your request is in our "queue" (which prioritizes federal and state mandated reporting). We will provide you an estimated date of delivery for your request. Thank you for being our partners in evidence based decision making!

Please copy and paste the following questions with answers into an email. Send the email to: Dr. Kristi Blackburn, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, Research, and Planning:

  1. Name:
  2. Department/Division:
  3. Is your Manager aware of this research request:
  4. When do you need this — is there a deadline associated with the request? (please note the complexity of your request will dictate the amount of time it takes to complete the request)
  5. Which category best describes your research request (place an X in front of the word):
      • Accreditation/Federal/State reporting requirement
      • SLO/SAO support
      • Program Review
      • 3SP
      • Equity
      • EMP/Strategic Plan Goal achievement
      • Grant evaluation support
      • Other: please explain
  6. What is the Research Question you are seeking to answer?
  7. Describe the research request as much as you can. If you are asking for a cohort analysis, please be specific as to groups being compared. Please specify semester/years. If your cohort involves a group that is not flagged as a student group in Peoplesoft, please be prepared to provide us student id numbers in a secure manner:

The Dean will assign your request to a Research Analyst, and will provide you with an estimated delivery date. In regards to number 4 (above), we will strive to meet your deadlines as best we can (federal/state/mandated reporting have highest priority).

For requests by persons that are not employed by the college, your request is considered either a Public Records Request; or it is considered an IRB request. If you are a graduate student seeking to use our college as a data participant, please proceed below with IRB instructions.

Public Records Request
For Public Records requests, please email the request to Felipe Lopez, Vice President of Business Services.

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