This Week in the Success Center

This week in the Student Success Center



 Monday, August 20th 

10:00am English APA formatting

2:00pm English Understanding the Writing Process

3:00pm Study Skills Test Taking Strategies

5:00pm Study Skills Active Reading Strategies

6:00pm Math Strategies for taking math exams

Tuesday, August 21st

10:00am English MLA Documentation

1:00pm English Reasoning Essays

2:00pm Study Skills Active Listening

4:00pm Math Reducing Math Anxiety

6:00pm English Pre-writing Techniques

7:00pm Math Using a graphing calculator

Wednesday, August 22nd

10:00am Math Strategies for taking math exams

11:00am English Introducing and Concluding Essays

12:00pm Study Skills Organizing Your Time

3:00pm Math Studying for college math

4:00pm Study Skills Effective Note-taking

6:00pm English Evaluating Sources

7:00pm Math Reducing Math Anxiety

Thursday, August 23rd

10:00am Study Skills Effective Note-taking

11:00am English Paraphrasing and Quoting

2:00pm English Thesis Statements

4:00pm English Writing Paragraphs

 Friday, August 24th 

12:00pm  English Understanding the Writing Process

Saturday, August 25th

11:00am Math Strategies for taking math exams

12:00pm English Unifying Essays


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