First Time College Student

First Time College Student. Students Near Falcon Square

You are a first time college student if this is your first time attending any college.

For a concise PDF version of Future Students (enrollment steps) please select the link.

You may qualify for a program which offers earlier enrollment for first-time college students-- Early Success Program (ESP)! Just complete admissions, assessment, and orientation/counseling by the specified deadline for an earlier enrollment date.

STEP 1: Admission

Admissions and Records, (562) 860-2451, Ext. 2211.

Complete the admission's application by applying online (proof of residence may be required). We recommend having official high school transcripts sent directly to Cerritos College Admissions and Records or submit them to a counselor during an appointment or an Orientation Workshop.

Please visit our Admissions Criteria page to check your eligibility for admissions. If you are undocumented, you may attend Cerritos College and pay in-state tuition if you qualify for AB-540.

Financial Aid and the Board of Governors Fee Waiver (BOGFW) are available. To apply, follow these 4 Easy Steps to Cash.

STEP 2: Assessment Testing

Assessment Testing, (562) 860-2451, Ext. 2599.

Take the English, reading, and math placement tests, which assess your math, language, and reading skill levels and is not pass nor fail. Just bring your student number and a photo ID on the test day. If you intend to take English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, take the ESL test before enrollment. Call the Assessment Center for appointment scheduling information. Assessment test schedules and study guides can be picked up at the Career Services Center. You can also visit their webpage for an online test schedule. Convenient parking is available in lot C-1. You may purchase a $2 daily permit from the permit dispensers.

STEP 3: Orientation-Counseling

Counseling Department, (562) 467-5231

There are two ways to schedule an orientation, by phone or online.

  1. Phone: You may call the Counseling Department and schedule an Orientation Workshop that works with your schedule.
  2. Online: You may go online by visiting New Student Orientation to select the in-person workshop that is most convenient for you.

New students are required to attend Orientation before enrollment. Please bring unofficial/official high school and/or college transcripts to the Orientation Workshop. When additional assistance is needed prior to enrollment, counselors are available on a stand-by (walk-in) basis in the Counseling Department.

If you cannot attend an Orientation in person, you can participate in the Online Orientation to complete the requirement. To determine if you qualify for early enrollment, please visit Early Success Program for details.

If you are an international student, please visit the Office of International Student Services webpage for counseling and orientation information.

STEP 4: Enrollment

Admissions and Records, (562) 860-2451, Ext. 2211

After receiving your enrollment appointment through MyCerritos, you may enroll online at MyCerritos on or after your scheduled time.

Pay All Fees: BOGFW students must follow the same fee schedule when paying lab fees, Cerritos College Student Activities (CCSA) fee, and Health fee. Failure to pay for your fees on time will result in being dropped and/or waitlisted. Payment can be made online through MyCerritos. To view current fees, please visit Admissions and Records Fees.

Important announcements for students.

STEP 5:  Counseling

Counseling Department, (562) 467-5231

After getting settled into your first semester, meet with a counselor every semester. Counselors are available to assist you with your educational planning year-round. Once you have completed at least six units of college credit, join Cerritos College counselors in a Educational Planning Workshop. You are strongly encouraged to make an appointment with a counselor, mid-semester, to ensure that your educational plan accurately reflects your career goal. The appointments are 30 minutes in duration. Some appointments may last up to two hours.  Counseling appointments are designed to help you create your own personal education plan identifying the classes you need to take in the next 2 to 3 semesters.

That's all there is to it. Congratulations!
Welcome to Cerritos College!

If you need accommodations with any of these activities due to a disability, please visit Disabled Student Programs & Services (DSPS) or contact them at (562) 860-2451, Ext. 2335

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