SHP Transfer Agreements: In addition to our agreements with UCLA TAPnew window and UCI's Honors to Honors programnew window, students also have access to other transfer agreements through the HTCCnew window

Mnew windowath Videosnew window: This website hosts a lot of Math videos (usually 10-15 minutes each) designed to help students understand specific concepts.  According to the website, you can subscribe to its YouTube channel and peruse over 900 videos. ** If you are good in Mathematics, you might want to think about an honors contract that analyzes how useful these videos are to non-majors.  Moreover, maybe you could design a series of videos for students at Cerritos College. **

Program OrientationPDF document: This is the presentation from the SHP Orientation on Friday, August 12, 2016.

Scholarships: Berkeley Scholarshipnew window and MALDEF's (Mexican American Legal Defense & Educational Fund) list of scholarshipsnew window

Senior Preview DayPDF document: This is the presentation from Senior Preview Day at Cerritos College on Friday, April 19, 2013.