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Institutional Competencies and SLOs

Institutional Competencies and SLOs

Independent Learner

Students focus on their academic assignments, their academic progress, and their academic goals.

Students advance in their learning, through their classes and their programs.

Students link up with peers, faculty, and campus resources to receive support and encouragement.

Students comprehend not only what they learn, but also how they learn, striving for understanding course content rather than simply completing assignment.

Students organize their course assignments and course selection around a clear Educational Plan.

Students develop new ideas, perspectives, and skills to develop an understanding of the complex world in which they live.

Personal Responsibility

Students access important information, assistance, or resources to reach their goals.

Students manage their behavior appropriately when confronted with difficult situations.

Students choose daily activities that contribute to the attainment of their long-term goals.

Students modify their behavior when confronting obstacles to their goals.

Students seek feedback regarding their conduct and their progress.

Civic Responsibility

Students identify important issues concerning their communities.

Students differentiate between accepting and respecting the opinions of others.

Students recognize the various cultures within their communities.

Students perform actions that make a positive impact on their community, such as work and/or volunteer service.

Students express the values and the procedures of the American democratic process.

Global Awareness

Students identify the various elements of their values, beliefs, ideas, and world views.

Students recognize a variety of diverse cultures and their values, beliefs, ideas, and world views.

Students distinguish between national, transnational, and global nature of political, economic and social events.

Students recognize that national economic activity impacts the global environment.

Students recognize universal human rights as the foundation of global citizenship.

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