Student Success Division Staff


Shawna Baskette
Dean, Academic Success
sbaskette@cerritos.eduemail link
Ext. 2413

Damon Cagnolatti
Coordinator iFalcon
dcagnolatti@cerritos.eduemail link
Ext. 2817

Amparo Atherton
Education Technology Trainer, Center for Teaching Excellence (CTX)
adatherton@cerritos.eduemail link
Ext. 2799

Anna Fischer
Instructional Lab Technician, Student Success Center
afisher@cerritos.eduemail link
Ext. 2853

Suzy Heapy
Administrative Secretary to the Dean of Academic Success
sheapy@cerritos.eduemail link
Ext. 2482

Yvette Juarez
Administrative Clerk, Student Success Center
yjuarez@cerritos.eduemail link
Ext. 2405

Sarah Pirtle
Multimedia Production Specialist, Media Services
spirtle@cerritos.eduemail link
Ext. 2439

Michelle Rodriguez
Tutoring Center Specialist, Student Success Center
mrrodriguez@cerritos.eduemail link
Ext. 2407

Kaitlin Scott
Instructional Specialist & Librarian, Student Success Center
kscott@cerritos.eduemail link
Ext. 2404 

Monique Valencia
Program Assistant, Center for Teaching Excellence (CTX)
mvalencia@cerritos.eduemail link
Ext. 2797

Bernice Watson
MediaMedia Production Specialist, Media Services
bwatson@cerritos.eduemail link
Ext. 2443