Student Success Plan


The Faculty Senate began developing the Agenda for Student Success in the fall of 2006. With input from all constituent groups, the agenda grew to encompass several initiatives took on a campus-wide scope.  

The scope of this Agenda was recognized by the Cerritos College Board of Trustees in the spring of 2009 following a presentation of the ARCC Report also known as College Accountability Reporting for the Community Colleges. At the conclusion of the presentation and after an energetic conversation during the Board meeting, member of the Board directed the Administration to prepare a student success plan for the College.

The Administration and Faculty Senate responded by organizing a taskforce to coordinate this effort. The Taskforce began meeting in the spring semester of 

2009 under the following charge:

  • Report to the Faculty Senate and the Coordinating Committee.
  • Draft an initial Student Success Plan.
  • Present the Student Success Plan to the Senate and the Coordinating Committee.
  • Meet in the spirit of shared governance.
  • Conclude with the presentation of the proposed plan unless they are requested to continue working by the Faculty Senate and Coordinating Committee.

The Taskforce met throughout the spring, summer and fall sessions of 2009. Consistently, the entire campus was invited to participate on the Taskforce. Over 30 individuals joined in the effort, including:

Aborn, Lucinda

Bengston, Carl

Bettino, M.L.

Brock, Marilyn

Chambers, Carolyn

Chomiak, Renée

Clifford, Stephen

Connal, Jan

DeFrance, Francine

Farmer, Bill

Gunn, Dave

Krichmar, Lee

Lundeen, Brittany

Mixson, Frank

Moloney, Peter

Moore, Deb

Murguia, Stephanie

Myers, Chris

Pendleton, Ben

Quaas-Berryman, Francie

Quiroz, Jamie

Reece, Bryan

Reichwein, Vangie

Rodriguez, Michelle

Romero, Virginia

Rose, Linda

Serwin, Lynn

Torres-Bower, Ana

Ukita, Traci

Wallace, Mark

Westby, Kim

Young, David

During the fall semester of 2009, as the plan was developed to include more detail, the Taskforce chairperson presented the plan to several groups on campus. The presentations were an important part of the plan improvement process. Groups that participated in the review process as the plan took shape included:

  • SLO Committee
  • iFALCON Leadership Team
  • Developmental Education Committee
  • Facilities Planning Committee
  • Staff Development Committee
  • Faculty Senate
  • Instructional Program Review Committee
  • Instructional Deans
  • Coordinating Committee
  • Student Support Programs Deans/Managers

In November and December of 2009, the initial Student Success PlanPDF document was approved by the Faculty Senate, approved by the Coordinating Committee, and received by the Board of Trustees. The plan was adopted with the recognition that it is a living document that will continue to evolve and mature.