Outstanding Employees

2018 - 2019
May:              Linda Ramos, LINC Student Support Services

2017 - 2018
May:              Blanca Gamez, CalWORKS
June:             Sharon Plump, Facilities
August:         Shannon Estrada, Career Services
September:   Manuel Mendes, Facilities
October:        Nadia Benavidez, DSPS
November:    Michael Gonzalez, Financial Aid
December:    Danielle Rogacion, Culinary Arts
January:        Yesenia Ramirez, Financial Aid
February:      David Tilahun, International Student Services Program
March:           Phally Lay, Academic Affairs
April:              Quinn Doan, Economic Development

2016 - 2017
May:             Suzy Heapy, Library
June:            Monique Valencia, Library/Student Success
July:              Kim Applebury, Counseling
August:         Steve Gonzalez and Daniel Becerra, Facilities 
September:  Dan Tufnell, HPEDA
October:       Monica Castro, Educational Partnerships and Programs
November:   Dave Gunn, Library/Student Success
December:   Claudia Cruz, Facilities
January:       Deborah Buffington, Fine Arts/Communincations
February:      Dave Ward, Fine Arts/Communications
March:          Leo Lopez, Financial Aid
April:            John Ella, Information Technology

2015 - 2016
May:            Tom Schmitt, Facilities
June:           Masoud Alavian, Library
July:             Margo Winners, Public Affairs
August:        Robert Aguayo, EOPS
September:  Denise Marshall, Facilities
October:      Tischel Diaz, Adult Ed
November:   Mayra Radillo, Purchasing
December:   Evelyn Mattison, Counseling
January:       Erica McLennan, HPEDA
February:     Silvia Varela - Financial Aid
March:         Toni Grijalva, Public Affairs
April:            Albert Wilmovsky, Student Success

2014 - 2015
August:        Lucy Romero, HPEDA
September: Daryabuth Martinez, Adult Ed
October:      Javier Ruiz, Facilities
November:   Michele Kingston, Information Technology
December:  Janice Cole, Foundation
January:      Raquel Lizarraga, Technolog
February:     Amparo Atherton, Student Succes
March:         Kim Applebury, Counseling
April:            Rocio Gutierrez, DSPS

Employee of the Year

2017 - 2018 David Tilahun
2016 - 2017 David Ward
2015 - 2016 Robert Aguayo
2014 - 2015 Janie Cole
2013 - 2014 Samuel Chavez

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