Committee Roster

Employee Development Committee
Appointed Members for the 2017-2018 Academic Year

Dr. Adriana Flores-Church, Vice President of Human Resources
Ex-officio member
Dr. Gary Pritchard, Instructional Dean, Fine Arts and Communications
Term Expires: September 2018
Dr. Valynica Raphael, Director, Compliance, Diversity, Title IX Coordinator
Term Expires: July 2020
Faculty Senate
April Griffin, Instructor/Director of Forensics
Term Expires: August 2020
Michelle Lewellen, Philosophy Associate Professor
Term Expires: August 2020
Ni Bueno, Assistant Professor Health Education
Term Expires: 2020
Kimberly Rosenfeld, Speech Professor

Term Expires: August 2020
Nora Laredo, Administrative Secretary II

Term Expires: August 2020
Lynn Laughon, Document Services Technician

Term Expires: August 2020
David Ward, Theater Technical Design Specialist

Term Expires: August 2020
Rebecca Pang, Human Resources Tech II
Term Expires: August 2020
Flex Coordinator
Dr. David Betancourt, Professor, Music/Fine Arts/Communications

Ex-officio member

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