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  • Teacher TRAC Students posing for a picture after an event at the Student Center.
  • TRAC Students presenting their assignment in front of the rest of their class.
  • Teacher TRAC UTF Bridge Students engaged in a group activity.
  • A Teacher TRAC Automotive Intern shows students’ part of an engine.
  • Teacher TRAC Students attending the California Math Council Conference.
  • Teacher TRAC Graduating Class of 2012.
  • Teacher TRAC Students engaged in small groups & assignments in class.
  • ELF UTF Students learn how to adapt lessons for Children with Special Needs.
  • Teacher TRAC Students working together as part of a team building exercise.
  • A Teacher TRAC Welding Intern shows his students the proper way to weld.
  • Teacher TRAC Secondary & CTE Pathway Interns at an Internship workshop.
  • Teacher TRAC Students presenting in front of their class.
  • Teacher TRAC Students engaged in group activities.
  • ELF UTF Students learn how to do a Guided Reading Lesson for children.
  • A Teacher TRAC Woodworking Intern gives advice to one of his students.
  • Teacher TRAC Interns discuss topics at an Internship Workshop.
  • ELF UTF Bridge 2 Students pose for a picture during an event.
  • ELF UTF Bridge 2 Students pose for a picture with their Student Specialist.
  • UTF Teacher TRAC Students take a group picture at the End of Semester Event.
  • Teacher TRAC Career Technical Education Students attend the CITEA Conference.
  • Teacher TRAC Students studying for exams at the Teacher TRAC Center.
  • Elf UTF Students engage in an activity where they learn team building.
  • Susan Gradin (Professor) leads an activity for ELF UTF Students.
  • UTF Teacher TRAC Students pose together after a class party.
  • Teacher TRAC Graduating Class of 2011.
  • Teacher TRAC Students on tour at CSULB pose with the Go Beach Sign.
  • Teacher TRAC UTF 1st Cohort poses for a picture after class.
  • Early Learning Foundation Students after their summer Bridge Class.

Teacher TRAC, the national award winning program, has many services and opportunities. We look forward to helping you on your pathway to becoming an elementary, secondary, or career technical education teacher.


February 12th - Lincoln's Birthday - Campus Closed!

February 15th - Washington's Birthday - Campus Closed!

February 18th - Financial Aid and Scholarship Information Workshop, 11:00-12:30 p.m., {Location Financial Aid Conference Room}

February 22nd - Cerritos College Foundation Scholarship Deadline