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Counselor Chris Sugiyama advising a Teacher TRAC StudentThe Teacher TRAC Counseling Team is dedicated to assisting students in developing transitional skills to help them achieve success in their academic, career and life goals in an inclusive environment that embraces the diversity of our students and community.

Teacher TRAC Counselors:

Rocio Casillas - Secondary Counselor

Rigoberto Castro - CTE Counselor

Francesca Bello - CTE Counselor

Gloria Morales - Elementary Counselor

Chris Sugiyama - Elementary Counselor

Counselor Michelle Ngo advising a Teacher TRAC StudentTips for New Teacher TRAC Students:

Teacher TRAC Counselors, are available to assist you
with questions regarding academics & transferring.

Make an appointment with a Teacher TRAC Counselor through:
Teacher TRAC Center at (562) 860-2451 Ext. 2212

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