Teacher Trac Center

Staff waiting to help students in the Teacher TRAC Center

The Teacher TRAC Center is the hub center of the Teacher TRAC program.

During business hours you can always find a friendly face to
help you make counseling appointments or help you solve problems.

The Teacher TRAC Center supplies information for students in the following areas:

  1. Address any concerns or questions you have.

  2. Answer questions about Single Subject & Multiple Subject Credentials

  3. Connect you with Cerritos College Faculty.

  4. Meeting with a Counselor & Setting up Counseling appointments

  5. Answer questions about the different pathways in Teacher TRAC.

  6. Faculty & Student Conferences

  7. Fieldwork training & Internships

  8. Observation Hours & Opportunities

  9. Partnerships between Cerritos College & CSU Colleges

  10. Workshops & Events

We also supply additionalinformation for students on these Important Topics:

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