Welcome to the Technology Division

Physical Science and Technology (PST) Building

Welcome to the Technology Division's website! Our mission is to provide a wide range of career and technical education options to help students pursue an occupational goal. Training for a career, retraining for advancement within a career, transfer, or lifelong learning are all part of the Technology Division's master plan.

The Division provides career and technical instruction in 13 individual departments. You can explore your options by clicking on the departmental links on the left side of this screen.  The dropdowns Additional Information and Student Resources contain helpful tips on applying to the college, changing majors, and applying for certificates of completion. Have fun and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. There are 135,000 square feet of instructional space located within eight buildings waiting for you!

Interested in learning more about a specific certificate? Looking for your instructor for clarification on projects or assignments?  Take advantage of their office hours.  Review the full-time instructor office hoursPDF document for personal one-on-one time. Meeting with the department chair or full-time instructors can provide students the opportunity to ask in-depth questions and to explore points of confusion or interest.  


Contact information for the technology division:

Technology Division: (562) 860-2451 x2900

Administrative Secretary II: Roxanne Mitchell x2901

Program Assistant: Brenda Sierra x2902

Administrative Clerk II: Carmen Lizarraga x2906

Instructional Dean: Dr. Nick Real x2903


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