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Articulation Agreements

What is Articulation? 

An articulated high school course is a high school course or courses that the faculty in the discipline have determined to be comparable to a specific community college course.

Students whom have taken an articulated high school course may be able to earn college credit by choosing to participate in a Credit by Examination process. Specific credit by examination processes vary by institution.


High School Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Courses that can receive up to 15 Units of Cerritos College Credit through Articulation Agreements are:

  1. Introduction to Engineering Design (IED)
    1. ENGT 103 - 3 Units
  2. Principles of Engineering (POE)
    1. ET 101 - 3 Units
  3. Aerospace Engineering (AE)
    1. ENGT 104  - 4 Units
  4. Civil Engineering and Architecture (CEA)
    1. ARCH 101 - 4 Units
  5. Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)
    1. MTT 180 - 3 Units
  6. Digital Electronics (DE)
    1. ET 102 - 3 Units
  7. Product Design, Development, and Prototype Fabrication (EDD)
    1. ENGT 105 - 2 Units


What is Credit by Examination?

Through the credit by examination process, secondary students may receive credit at Cerritos college for articulated courses. Credit by Examination means that a student has satisfactorily passed an exam approved or conducted by Cerritos College faculty. The college faculty who normally tech the college course must determine the nature and content of the exam. Such credit may be granted only to a student who is registered at Cerritos College and is in good standing. Cerritos College 2017-2018 General Catalog Description: Page 25


Benefits of Articulation Agreements and Credit by Exam:

  1. Students earn college credit while in high school, ROP or adult school program
  2. Students do not need to repeat coursework at the college
  3. Students get basic skills and knowledge prior to college
  4. Ultimately, student decrease the cost of college tuition and textbook fees, and can complete their college program sooner


Steps for High School students to receive Cerritos College credit for Articulated classes between Cerritos College and local K12 Districts

  1. Contact Christina Mulcahy ( to make arrangements for Cerritos College representatives to come to your High School Engineering Classes. Representatives will walk the students through the process. Representatives are available from February-May.
    1. Students complete the course with a "B" or better. 
    2. Students complete the Cerritos College application (on-line).  Students will not need to complete the bridge form and do not have to take the assessment test. 
    3. Students complete the Credit by Exam form with the Cerritos College Representative and submit it to Christina Mulcahy.
    4. Students will receive Cerritos College credit for the articulated class
    5. Check your transcript to view your credit. Follow these steps to View your Transcript.


Unified School Districts: How To Articulate a High School Course:

  1. Syllabus 
    1. Name of Class
    2. High School
    3. Instructor Contact Information
    4. Course Description
    5. Course Outline
    6. Prerequisites
    7. Course Objectives
    8. Competency and Skill Requirement (when students finish this class they should be able to do)
    9. Textbooks/materials needed for class
    10. How the class graded (i.e. Quizzes, presentation, etc.)
  2. Copy of a test or quiz

Please contact the Office of Education Partnerships & Programs (562) 860-2451 ext. 2212.

Available Articulation Agreements at Cerritos College:

Articulation Agreements are made available to the public at Statewide Career Pathways

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