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NOTE: Check out a detailed synopsys of the play on wikipedia Waiting for Lefty page.

Waiting for Lefty
by Clifford Odets
directed by Kevin Slay

Strike! Strike! STRIKE!
Cab Drivers Unite!

Audition Dates:
Aug 20 @ 6 - 8 p.m. and Aug 21 @ 6 - 7 p.m.
Callbacks 7 - 8 p.m.
in BC 31 (Studio Theatre)

Audition Preparation Notes (Please read):
Please be prepared to either perform a one-minute dramatic monologue or perform from a selection of the play that will be at the director's discretion.
Auditions will last for up to two hours. You should arrive early to select a 4-minute slot of time as it will be first come, first serve. Once you have auditioned, you will be released.
Please have your schedule ready and any conflicts you may have.
A callback list will be posted by noon on Aug 21.
A cast list will be posted on the box office window and online by Friday,
Aug 22. All students cast must enroll in the required classes in order to participate. This will be clarified to the students cast in the show.

Performance Dates:
Oct 10, 11,
16, 17, 18 @ 8 p.m.
and Oct
19 @ 2 p.m.

A bit about the show:
In Waiting for Lefty, Odets captures fully the folk idiom of the six people on whom his play focuses. Each is a taxicab driver. Each has a story to tell. The six characters come from several walks of life but have one thing in common: They are forced by economic necessity to become cab drivers. Each exemplifies the antagonism that exists between the values of the business community and the human values of the play's protagonists.
In the six vignettes, connected only by the job that the actors have in common, Odets explores such matters as collective bargaining, anti-Semitism, environmental irresponsibility, family cohesiveness, and the exploitation of the masses. The big question the play poses concerns the extent to which workers should control their own destinies. A union organizer, who does not appear on stage, is scheduled to meet with them to discuss means by which workers can deal with big business. Lefty never arrives because he has been murdered on his way to the meeting. When his death is revealed, the audience, already at fever pitch, is drawn into the action of the play with the cry to "Strike, Strike, Strike."

Character Breakdown:

Joe (m, mid 20's): Working-class taxi driver who becomes the union strike leader.

Harry Fatt (m, 40's): Corrupt leader of the taxi driver's union who acts as the mouthpiece for their employer.

Edna (f, 20's): Joe's wife, the most passionate and angry character in the play.

Sid (m, mid-20's): A taxi driver who has lost hope for his future, engaged to Florence.

Florence (f, early 20's): Sid's fiance; A dreamer who escapes into her personal fantasy world to avoid her miserable reality.

Miller (m, 20's): Lab assistant to Fayette, faced with moral and ethical challenges.

Fayette (m, 40's): Industrialist lacking in morals and ethics, plotting evil.

Dr. Barnes (m, elderly): Rediscovering his idealism from youth when faced with overly controlling government.

Dr. Benjamin (m, 30's): A Jewish Doctor, a committee member of the taxi drivers' union, enraged over classism and nepotism of government.

Agate (m, any age): An agitator to the taxi driver's union who stirs them up to go on strike.

Tom Clayton (m, any age): a labor spy whose brother exposes his true identity.

Irv (m, 30's): Disapproves of Florence's fiance Sid. Wants them to separate.

A gunman (m, any age): A goon/hood-like guy who stands intimidatingly next to Harry Fatt.

Taxi union members (f or m, any age): union members who are angry and frustrated.