Faculty Bios & Info

Theatre Faculty
(In alphabetical order) 


Craig Breit
Motion Pictures/Radio & TV
562.860.2451 ext. 2625
breit@cerritos.eduemail link

F. Reed Brown
Department Chair
Acting and Movement/ Director
562.860.2451 ext. 2648
rbrown@cerritos.eduemail link
Room BC 48 (thru the BC 31 hallway)

Robert Campolo 
Film and Screenwriting
562.860.2451 ext. 2635
rcampolo@cerritos.eduemail link
Room BC 47a (through the BC 31 hallway)

Steven Hirohamanew window
Film Studies
562.860.2451 ext. 2637
shirohama@cerritos.eduemail link
Room BC 41a (in the WPMD hallway)

Brandt Reiter
Theatre Studies
562.860.2451 ext. 2651
breiter@cerritos.eduemail link
Office: FA64-A (Fine Arts Building, Division Office)

Susan Watanabe
Costume/ Make-up Technology
562.860.2451 ext. 2649
swatanabe@cerritos.eduemail link
Room BC 41 (inside WPMD hallway) 

Note: It is best to reach adjunct/part-time faculty via e-mail or in person during class scheduled time.

Forrest Hartl
G.I.P.S. & Improv
562.860.2451 ext. 4378
fhartl@cerritos.eduemail link

Bradley Lock
Technical Production for Theatre
562.860.2451 ext. 2643
block@cerritos.eduemail link
Room BC 10 - Left side of Burnight Theatre, white door with window, upstairs

Casey Piotrowski
562.860.2451 ext. 4525
cpiotrowski@cerritos.eduemail link

Holly Sneed
562.860.2451 ext. 4090
Hsneed@cerritos.eduemail link

Lana Wahlquist
562.860.2451 ext. 4593
lwahlquist@cerritos.eduemail link

Etta Walton
562.860.2451 ext. 2652
ewalton@cerritos.eduemail link
Room BC 22 (upstairs from the green room) 

David Ward
Technical Theatre/ Entertainment Technology
562.860.2451 ext. 2645
dward@cerritos.eduemail link
Room BC 20 (the shop through the green room)


Classified Staff

Richard Crother
Designer/Stage Technician
562.860.2451 ext. 2653
rcrother@cerritos.eduemail link