Theatre Classes that require an audition to enroll

Theatre Performance Classes

The following classes require an audition to be enrolled. You must attend the audition to be considered for the class. Students may NOT pre-enroll themselves into the class. Typically, students are enrolled after casting and roles are accepted.

TH 130 - R & P for Minor Roles 
TH 131 - R & P for Supporting Roles
TH 132 - R & P for Lead Roles

These classes represent the non-musical plays occurring twice in the Fall and 1 time in the Spring. The classes represent roles in the plays, determined by the director. 

TH 146 - Music Theatre for Chorus
TH 147 - Music Theatre for Leads 

These classes represent the musical occurring at the end of the season in Spring.  

TH 137 - Touring Theatre for Leads 

This class represents the touring improvisational comedy class, a.k.a. (GIPS - Generic Improvisational Peep Show).

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