Creating Accessible PDF Files

A PDF document may contain logical structure information that allows the information to be accessible to vision or hearing impaired users..  This is called a “Tagged PDF” file.  Converting a file to a tagged PDF document is simple:

  • Create the file in MS Word:
    • Use styles to format text such as titles, headings, and paragraphs.
    • Use the columns command to create columns instead of tables.
    • Provide alternate text for all images – you can do this by viewing the image properties.
      Please note:
      Microsoft Word 2007 places the alternative text box under the "Size" option.
  •  Click “Adobe PDF” on the menu bar then click “Convert to PDF”.

This will create a tagged PDF document that enables the user to view the structure of the document and jump to any place in the document without having to view content in-between.

Please see: and (for MS Word 2010) for additional information about tagged PDF documents.

Please see information at the following link: for more information about creating Accessible PDFs available from the High Tech Center Training Unit in Cupertino, CA.

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