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Creating Accessible PDFs

A PDF document may contain logical structure information that allows the information to be accessible to disabled people.  This is called a “Tagged PDF” file.  Converting a file to a tagged PDF document is simple:

  • Create the file in MS Word:
    • Use styles to format text such as titles, headings, and paragraphs.
    • Use the columns command to create columns instead of tables.
    • Provide alternate text for all images – you can do this by viewing the image properties.
      Please note:
      Microsoft Word 2007 places the alternative text box under the "Size" option.
  •  Click “Adobe PDF” on the menu bar then click “Convert to PDF”.

This will create a tagged PDF document that enables the viewer to view the structure of the document, jump to any place in the document without having to view content in-between.

Please see: and (for MS Word 2010) for additional information about tagged PDF documents.

Please see information at the following link for more information about creating Accessible PDFs available from the High Tech Center Training Unit in Cupertino, CA.

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