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Web Author Certification Graphic Standards


Use Styles:

Web authors are encouraged to use the styles drop-down combo box available in EditLive! to apply various formatting styles to content text. The benefits include pages that (are):

  • Load faster
  • Easier to maintain
  • Accessible
  • Customizable
  • Consistent


Illegible/varied font type:

Web authors should choose font types carefully for two reasons:

  1. Fonts in web pages are device dependent meaning the web page depends on whether or not the selected font is installed on a computer. Since not all font types will be available on the client's computer, a web page may not render correctly when a viewer visits your web site. 
  2. Font types such as "Broadway" & "Impact" make reading web page content difficult when used for the entire content area.  

Choose common fonts such as Verdana, Arial & Helvetica that are common and legible for web medium.  If in doubt, contact web administration for assistance.

Low contrast colors:

Colors low in contrast should not be used on Cerritos College web pages primarily because it makes it difficult for viewers to see the difference between content (text), strains the eyes of the viewer and is inaccessible to persons with vision impairments.  Web authors are encouraged to use high contrast colors such as black text on a white background.

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