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Web Handbook - Standards: Web Ownership Plan

Web Ownership Plan: Managers/Web Authors

Each set of division/department/office web pages added to the Cerritos College Web must be maintained by a Web Author. The Web Author will be responsible for the quality, accuracy and timeliness of information associated with the web pages of that department/division or office. 

  • Each manager will designate a person in his or her area to be charged with updating his or her division/department or office web pages.
  • The manager will email the Web Administrator with a message naming the local web author (including the NT user name) and authorizing that person to make changes to web content for his or her office.
  • This person will be known as the official Web Author of those pages.
  • The Web Author will be required to attend a series of training sessions in the Innovation Center.
  • The training sessions will be designed to provide the Web Author with the knowledge to create, access and maintain web information for their web pages.
  • Individual training sessions are available at the Innovation Center.
  • Web Authors will control the division/department's web directory.
  • The Web Author must agree to follow college standards for web page content and presentation.
  • The manager will develop a process of content review and sign-off prior to submitting web pages to the college Web Administrator.
  • Web Authors will include a last update tag at the bottom of the division/department/office pages. This will show the date of the last update to the page. This date can be no older than 30 days from the current date. The Webmaster will enforce this update rule. Weekly updates are encouraged.
  • Web Authors will include their name and e-mail address at the bottom of these pages.
  • A link to the Disclaimer page will appear at the bottom of these pages (URL: /web-handbook/disclaimer.htm).

Faculty and staff may have personal homepages linked to their department/office web pages.

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