Women's and Gender Studies

 women of the world unite

Cerritos College is one of only a few two-year college to offer an AA degree in Women’s Studies and to secure transfer agreements with over 8 four-year universities. Whether you are interested in the major or just taking a few classes, we have a team of highly educated and talented professors and an array of exciting elective to choose from.

The philosophy of the Women's and Gender Studies Program is summed up in the following paragraph:
"The Cerritos College Women’s and Gender Studies Program believes that the attitudes that shape a society’s treatment of gender influence its economic, social and cultural politics.  As such, we hold that women’s rights should be studied in the broader context of human rights.  Since we are committed to meeting the needs of all of our students, we promote an inclusive curriculum."

Women's rights are human rights!

Anadolu Twins

Anadolu Twins vibrate with the transformational energy of human relationships between parent-child, feminine-masculine, teacher-student, friend-foe, spirit-matter.

Alacahuyuk, c. 2400 BCE, Anatolian Civilizations Museum.

(Art: Lydia Rulye - http://www.lydiaruyle.com)

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