Insurance Certicicate

Thank you for your interest in our new insurance program.  Below is listed the certificate we anticipate offering (it is currently at the Chancellor’s office for approval and we anticipate approval shortly).

The certificate is designed to prepare students for entry into the commercial insurance market place.  In the fall, we are offering two of the courses: INSR 101 Introduction to Insurance, Wednesday nights from 7 to 10pm, and INSR 121 Property and Liability Insurance Principles, Monday nights from 7 to 10pm.  All the other classes in the certificate are offered regularly, some with multiple time periods/days.

For more information visit: and there is a link to INSURANCE.

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  Required Courses    Units
Business Courses    
ACCT 101  Fundamentals of Accounting 1  4
BA 156 Motivational Presentation Skills for Managers 3
Or  BCOM 147 Business Communications 3
BA 113 Legal Environment of Business 3
Or LAW 111 Business Law 3
BA 100 Fundamentals of Business 3
CIS 101 Introduction to Computers Information Systems 3
ACCT 133 Computerized Spreadsheet Accounting (with Microsoft Excel) 3.5
Insurance Courses    
INSR 121 Property and Liability Insurance Principles 3
INSR 122 Personal Insurance 3
INSR 123 Commercial Insurance 3
INSR 101 Introduction to Insurance 1
INSR 102 Code and Ethics 1
INSR 171 Internship (in an insurance company) 1
  Total Units Required 31